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Transform Your Organization and Yourself with Executive Coaching and Life Coaching

The most successful organizations and individuals attribute their stellar success to Executive/Life Coaching. A coach will inspire and challenge you to take focused and committed time bound actions in the desired direction of specific professional and life goals, thereby ensuring superlative results. Just like it is difficult to reach great heights at Olympics without a coach, similarly you need an Executive or Life coach to achieve excellent strides for your organization or your personal growth and to stay at the top.

What is Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is a ‘one-on-one’ collaboration between a coach and an executive, to go from where they are, to where they want themselves and their company to be. Executive Coaching ensures achievement of extraordinary and accelerated results in organizations to achieve goals, much faster than would be possible otherwise.

Executive Coaching is an established and proven model to make executives realize their highest potential, in quick time, with focus and clarity. The business landscape is very dynamic and executives often face insurmountable challenges and uncertainties and are often looking for a sounding board to have vision, take risks, achieve, and excel. Executive Coaching is aimed at inspiring executives to make adequate behavioral changes which transform them, thereby massively improving business results and performance.

Executive Coaching may include areas of handling a team, fine tuning Leadership effectiveness, interpersonal skills, achieving enhanced sales targets, handling pressure, conflict management, ensuring organizational change in consonance with mission and vision, high impact presentation skills, influence and persuasion skills, becoming innovative, planning and organizing, securing executive presence in the organization and other facets of Leadership Development, achieving business goals, to name a few.

Our aim is to create great success stories of international standing and the entire process of Executive Coaching will be 100% customized according to client’s requirement.

What is Life Coaching and How it is Different From Executive Coaching

Life coaching, also known as personal coaching, is a ‘one-on-one’, collaborative process in which a coach facilitates an individual to achieve personal goals. Life coaching may include areas of life namely increasing confidence and energy, moving out of procrastination, developing laser focus on priorities, handling personal challenges, peak performance strategies, overcoming fears, anxiety and frustrations, emotional resilience, work life balance, sound relationships, dreams and vision, developing personal discipline and power, leveraging strengths, presentation skills, improve social life and everything connected with one’s life including needing inspiration to pursue worthwhile goals.

The difference between Life Coaching and Executive Coaching is largely one of emphasis. The focus of Executive Coaching is usually on organizational goals, performance or development, but it may also serve a personal component as well. The focus of Life Coaching is on the personal and professional growth of the individual.

Our Coaching methodologies covers all aspects of Executive and Life Coaching, and provide practical and useful tools for improving people’s thinking and performance. Whether you hire us for Executive Coaching or Life Coaching, as a trusted friend, philosopher and guide, we will facilitate inspiration, energy, accountability and support, thus keeping one focused on taking time bound actions, to achieve quantum leap in every arena of work and life.

Benefits of Executive and Life Coaching

Organizations and individuals who engage in professional Executive/Life Coaching relationship, will experience fresh perspectives on team/personal challenges and opportunities, enhanced decision making skills, creativity and innovation, superior interpersonal relationships, remove fear and risk averseness and an increase in confidence and clarity in implementing their chosen work and life roles. Consistent with a commitment to enhancing their Leadership and personal effectiveness, one can also expect to see appreciable positive results in the areas of productivity and efficiency, satisfaction with work and life, and on achievement of organizational/personal goals.

Why Should You Choose Drishti as Your Executive/Life Coaching Partner

1. Credibility with Organizations and Individuals :Our Executive and Life Coaching assignments have gained tremendous credibility with organizations and individuals and have a very high rating and overall success rate. During the process of coaching, you will see excellent improvements in each area of your professional and personal life.

2. Accreditation with ICF :Our Coaches are accredited with ‘International Coach Federation’ (ICF), the world’s largest body of coaching organization, dedicated to professional coaching. The competencies and ethics set by ICF for certification process are well regulated to ensure the highest standard of coaching. We are committed to it’s high degree of professionalism, ethics, confidentiality, sound coaching processes and trust, with the client. We assure you that your satisfaction level will be very high from the coaching sessions.

3. NeuroLeadership Model of Coaching :We follow NeuroLeadership model of coaching based on the latest findings of neuroscience, which is process driven and outcome based. This encompasses improving personal and workplace effectiveness with Neuroscience, which will provide specific skills that the client can use to enhance their personal and workplace traits viz., Self awareness, awareness of others, understanding of workplace behavior & Interactions, Problem Solving and Decision Making, Influence Skills, Rapport and Relationship Building, facilitate insights to dilemmas/challenges etc. The emphasis of this coaching model is on interactive relationships and a deep level of personal insights based on a foundation of trust.

4. ‘Neuro-Linguistic Programming’ (NLP) :We further blend powerful NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques in coaching, which mostly will lead to agreed upon coaching goals. Neuroscience based coaching and NLP are the proven world class change management tools which produces lasting positive and irreversible changes by forming new empowering habits, thus ensuring an organization’s and individual’s total transformation.

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Neuro means the way you think on a consistent basis. Linguistic refers to what you say. It entails language that we use with ourselves and with others. It is about raising awareness about patterns we use in our interactions. Programming means what you do. The study of NLP is about how one experiences life based on thinking, beliefs, and programmed behaviors that have become a part of oneself. These patterns as they are called determine the choices that one can make and ultimately the results or success one achieves. By NLP, these processes, language and behavioural patterns can be reprogrammed and changed to create a better life experience to achieve specific goals. NLP helps to determine which of these patterns are serving and helping one in achieving goals and which ones are holding one back or sabotaging success. Once these patterns and beliefs are identified, change becomes easy.

5. Psychometric Assessments :We also induct world renowned psychometric assessments, as part of the coaching process, designed to provide clients withpractical ‘Action Plans’ to enhance their performance. Psychometric assessment is a very enabling and robust tool for raising self awareness as well as awareness of others and their circumstances, have a better understanding of one’s likely behavior and the adjustments required, provide benchmark for creating coaching goals and their actionable strategies, provide insights and offer a method for evaluating progress. This will be a game changer and will boost the effectiveness of the coaching intervention.

The psychometric assessment generated will include standardized and scientifically developed tools for measuring an individual’s psychological attributes such as aptitude, personality, values, motivators and demotivators, abilities etc., which are considered essential for long lasting growth and change. It will lead to a full holistic personal & professional empowered development.

How the Sessions will go

Post analyzing and understanding your core issues, aspirations, challenges and motivation, we will synergize with you to create the action learning and compelling goal setting environment, contact sessions, solutions and changes that you desire to achieve etc. over a definite period. Inputs from the psychometric assessment will also be taken.

Our contact sessions will be either face to face or skype, minimum 12 sessions are recommended, as per ICF model. The Executive/Life coach will use a structured approach to facilitate you to clarify your thinking to achieve what you wish to achieve. The whole process of coaching is confidential.

Convenience of Skype/Telephone Sessions

Now, avail our exclusive Executive/Life Coaching in the comfort of your office/ home, even if you are based anywhere out of India or abroad, on skype/telephone, without restrictions on time zone. The convenience and cost effectiveness of skype/telephone coaching offers unmatched benefits.

Our team of senior coaching experts will facilitate unprecedented positive results & quantum leap in any sphere of your professional and personal life. We have experienced ICF accredited Coaches, on our panel, to facilitate Executive and Life Coaching. Enquiries are solicited from Organizations and Individuals for coaching solutions.


  • The Executive Coaching facilitated by Ashish has been a great and user free experience, which has helped me to understand the areas of improvement and also a kind of bringing out the inherent potential in me. The process we have approached in Executive Coaching was a kind of new experience which has helped me to upgrade my Leadership Skills, Personal Effectiveness and Interpersonal Skills. This sort of Executive Coaching will help the upcoming Leaders to grow in Line function and become role model in the Corporate world. I wish Ashish all the best in his future assignments. Read More

    – Senior Management

    One of the World’s Leading Companies Involved in Household Products

  • This is regarding Life Coaching with Ashish. I found him to be a caring gentleman, extremely professional and an expert in coaching. He facilitated me in implementing my vision of Leadership Development in the company & Communication and Presentation Skills. He also facilitated ‘Planning and Organizing’ and to take concrete action, with precise ‘Goal Setting’. I am fully satisfied with the coaching results and would recommend Ashish to anyone interested to profoundly change life for the better. He is very empathetic and is genuinely interested in the coaching process. I wish him all the best. Read More

    – Suhas Mistry

    Managing Director – Century 21 Samyak (Part of World’s Largest Real Estate Brokerage Organization)

  • Previously, I had spent considerable time and money in developing skills to help lead more effectively. However, traditional thinking yielded traditional results and it did not seem to be getting me where I wanted to go. Obviously, my thinking needed to change and this is where Ashish Bhattacharjee and his breakthrough refreshing sessions were incisive, focused on simple goals with clear outcomes. The session with strong follow through helped in turning out predictable results in unpredictable times. Read More

    – Senior Vice President

    Critical Capital Market Company

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