Executive Coaching and Leadership Coaching

Introduction to Executive Coaching and Leadership Coaching in India

Are you searching for an executive coach? If you need coaching in executive and leadership development, our services can be customized to meet your specific needs. As a top executive and leadership coaching firm located in Mumbai, India, we specialize in coaching corporate C-Suite, senior managers, middle-level managers, team leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners, etc.

Our team of the best executive and leadership coaches has a proven track record of expertise in facilitating impactful interventions. We excel at providing both one-on-one and group/team executive coaching services in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, and other cities in India, as well as globally in the USA, UK, Europe, UAE, Singapore, and more. Through these transformative coaching interventions, our clients have witnessed tremendous value creation, leading to an impressive client retention rate of up to 80%.

Our Field of Executive and Leadership Coaching Specialization

  • Strategic thinking
  • Executive presence
  • Leadership communication, and assertiveness skills
  • People and high-performance team management, delegation
  • Interpersonal skills
  • High-impact presentation skills
  • Decision-making and problem-solving
  • Creativity, innovation, and creative leadership
  • Planning and organizing, productivity, time management, and task management
  • Emotional resilience
  • Influence and persuasion skills
  • Managing the expectations of influential stakeholders
  • Handling pressure and stress management
  • Clarity, passion, purpose, raising Awareness, and boosting self-confidence
  • Conflict management
  • Retaining key employees and handling high potential
  • Executive transition and onboarding into new roles and responsibilities
  • Being authentic, courageous, and visionary
  • Peak performance
  • Navigating constant changes
  • Life coaching
  • Handling toxic culture
  • Work-life integration
  • Managing relationships
  • Managing virtual teams
  • Networking skills

The above list is not exhaustive but is indicative and will be 100% customized according to the client’s specific requirements. 

Why Executive Coaching? Is it Important in Today’s Fast-Paced World?

Executive coaching is a powerful collaboration between a skilled executive coach and a client, designed to bridge the gap between their current position and their desired future state. Through a series of one-on-one sessions, executive coaches work closely with the client, providing valuable insights and support to gain clarity, establish goals, and develop effective strategies.

In today’s dynamic and uncertain business landscape characterized by VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous) conditions, aspiring corporate leaders and entrepreneurs require continuous improvement and expert facilitation to navigate challenges successfully. Executive coaching, through behavioral transformation, catalyzes unlocking untapped potential, ensuring accelerated and remarkable results in achieving professional objectives.

Breaking the Glass Ceiling – How Executive Coaching Will Benefit You

Executive coaching offers numerous benefits that empower clients to achieve positive and sustainable change. A few of these benefits include:

  • Growth mindset leading to a dynamic framework of accountability to take consistent purposeful actions
  • Providing a safe and confidential space for clients to explore their strengths and weaknesses
  • Breaking barriers and achieving goals with enhanced leadership competencies
  • Mastering leadership communication to influence and persuade a variety of stakeholders
  • Experience fresh perspectives on team and personal challenges and opportunities
  • Self-awareness and emotional intelligence, which facilitate client’s ability to manage emotions in high-pressure situations and recognize blind spots. This heightened emotional intelligence enables clients to inspire trust, build superior interpersonal relationships, become compassionate and empathetic, resolve conflicts, and make better decisions
  • Facilitates aligning client actions with their core beliefs and values, leading to more authentic and impactful leadership. This fosters profound personal and professional growth and ensures a quantum leap towards sustainable change
  • Remove fear and risk aversion, gain confidence, and develop vision and clarity to thrive in today’s dynamic business landscape
  • Fosters adaptability, enabling clients to quickly adjust their strategies, embrace new perspectives, seize emerging opportunities, and create value in a demanding environment

Our track record in leadership and change management initiatives speaks on our ability to drive impactful transformations, creating substantial value for the clients.

Process of Executive Coaching

Our executive coaching interventions, known for their outcome-driven approach, drive goal-oriented commitment and transformative growth. The executive coaching process encompasses the following essential steps:

  • Goal Setting and Expectations: Through a comprehensive understanding of your core issues, motivations, aspirations, challenges, and needs, primary and secondary goals are established to outline what is to be achieved
  • Reflection: Engaging in focused and deep thinking to gain heightened awareness of the current situation and explore underlying factors and dynamics
  • Illumination: Identifying and selecting the most suitable plan or approach to pursue based on insights gained through reflection
  • Evaluation and Exploration: Assessing and exploring alternative possibilities and options to ensure a well-informed decision-making process
  • Action Plan and Execution Strategies: Developing a concrete action plan that includes specific steps and execution strategies to effectively implement the chosen course of action
  • Implementation and Overcoming Obstacles: Proactively executing the action plan while addressing and navigating obstacles and barriers that may arise along the way. Seeking resolution or finding a way forward when faced with challenges
  • Follow-through and Momentum: Sustaining progress and building momentum through consistent follow-through, monitoring, and review of the action plan, ensuring efficient and effective progress towards the desired outcomes

By following this structured and comprehensive approach, the executive coaching process facilitates focused and purposeful development, enabling you to achieve remarkable results in alignment with your goals and aspirations.

Why Drishti is the Ideal Choice for Your Executive & Leadership Coaching Needs

  • Established Credibility: As your growth partner, we bring extensive experience, nationally and internationally, across various industries, establishing our credibility and reputation since 2008
  • Accreditation with the ICF: Our team of top executive and leadership coaches in India is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), signifying our commitment to the highest coaching standards, ethics, and professionalism
  • Customized Approach: Our approach is fully customized to your unique goals and aspirations, and our methodology focuses on achieving tangible and transformative results
  • Result-Oriented Methodology: Our professional executive coaches employ a proven change management model and tools, strategies, and techniques to facilitate you in unlocking your full potential, enhancing your leadership development, and driving meaningful change. With a focus on measurable outcomes, we ensure that your coaching journey is purposeful and yields long-lasting benefits
  • Trust and Confidentiality: Trust and confidentiality are paramount in our coaching engagements, creating a safe and confidential space for open dialogue and exploration. With Drishti, you’re assured of a personalized, result-oriented coaching experience of the highest satisfaction
  • NeuroLeadership Model of Coaching: Our coaching model is based on the latest findings of neuroscience, which are process-driven and outcome-based
  • ‘NeuroLinguistic Programming’ (NLP): We further blend powerful NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques in coaching, which will mostly lead to agreed-upon coaching goals

Enhance Your Coaching Journey with Powerful Psychometric Assessments

Enhance your coaching journey with world-renowned, potent psychometric assessments. These tools offer actionable insights, practical ‘Action Plans’, and are robust tools for performance improvement. They boost self-awareness and understanding of one’s likely behavior, serving as benchmarks for goal-setting and strategy.

By using standardized, scientific tools for measuring psychological attributes, viz., aptitude, personality, values, motivators and demotivators, and leadership competencies, clients experience holistic personal and professional development, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and ultimately achieving exceptional outcomes.

Unlock Your Potential With our Exclusive Online Executive and Leadership Coaching Services

Unlock your potential with our exclusive online executive and leadership coaching services, offering convenience and cost-effectiveness from the comfort of your office or home, regardless of your location. The online mode is facilitated over Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, WhatsApp, Phone, etc. Our coaching transcends geographical boundaries and accommodates various time zones, ensuring accessibility worldwide.

Contact us today by filling up the contact form on this page, connect@drishtiexcel.in, +91-8454906959 or +91-9320770154 for a complimentary call and discover how our executive coaching services can empower you to reach new heights.


  • I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Ashish Bhattacharjee for six months. I found his profile looking for a top executive coach in India and his name came up. During those 6 months, he coached me on various topics, as per my initial request: Executive Presence, Leadership Communication, Strategy focus and Customer focus. Throughout the sessions and by using advanced techniques and top leading tests, we expended the sessions further towards personal change initiative, team feedback etc.

    Ashish is a well-rounded and experienced coach, he is always positive, organized, reliable, and punctual. I found that no request is too big or too small. He gave every session – and even between the sessions – his full attention. His talent and experience can be used on multiple topics. He is the best person who can facilitate the acquisition of new knowledge and bring an enhanced awareness that is invaluable. Thank you. Read More

    – Laure Mallet Grapin

    Data Stewardship Program Manager, Global Technology Company, Driving Energy Innovation

  • The ‘Leadership Development Program’ has kindled my imagination & left me with a deeper understanding of what is required to be an effective & successful Leader. The content of program was well designed covering wide range of topics in great details.

    The three main things I learnt about myself during LDP: (i) Raised my self-awareness (ii) Encouraged setting up of self-development goals, stretch goals & action points (iii) Resolve conflict in a constructive manner (Win-Win). I want to acknowledge myself for: (i) Resilience to stress (ii) Higher emotional intelligence (iii) More strategically focused. I want to acknowledge my Coach (Ashish) for: (i) Has deep understanding of his subject (ii) Establishes an emotional connect (iii) Good Communicator Read More

    – Amit Moona

    Director & CEO, Hardcastle Petrofer Pvt. Ltd.

  • The Executive Coaching facilitated by Ashish has been a great and user free experience, which has helped me to understand the areas of improvement and also a kind of bringing out the inherent potential in me. The process we have approached in Executive Coaching was a kind of new experience which has helped me to upgrade my Leadership Skills, Personal Effectiveness and Interpersonal Skills. This sort of Executive Coaching will help the upcoming Leaders to grow in Line function and become role model in the Corporate world. I wish Ashish all the best in his future assignments. Read More

    – Senior Management

    One of the World’s Leading Companies Involved in Household Products

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