Testimonials – Executive Coaching and Leadership Coaching

The Executive Coaching facilitated by Ashish has been a great and user free experience, which has helped me to understand the areas of improvement and also a kind of bringing out the inherent potential in me. The process we have approached in Executive Coaching was a kind of new experience which has helped me to upgrade my Leadership Skills, Personal Effectiveness and Interpersonal Skills.

This sort of Executive Coaching will help the upcoming Leaders to grow in Line function and become role model in the corporate world. I wish Ashish all the best in his future assignments.

-Senior Management

World’s Leading FMCG Company

Engaging in 1:1 coaching with Ashish has been instrumental in refining my strategic thinking and fostering a profound sense of clarity and self-awareness. Through these sessions, I have cultivated an enhanced capacity to influence senior stakeholders and foster trust among my team and peers/other stakeholders. Moreover, the hands-on approach to leadership communication and articulation has been invaluable.

Reflecting on my journey, the coaching program stands out as a catalyst for several notable achievements. Firstly, it empowered me to bolster my self-confidence and sharpen my focus, thereby enhancing my overall efficacy. Additionally, I have observed a significant growth in leadership communication, presentation skills, and executive presence. Further, the program has equipped me with the tools to improve team dynamics and provide impactful coaching to them.

Ashish’s expertise as a coach is unparalleled. Within moments of interaction, he knows exactly what are the problem areas and identifies key areas for development. He draws upon his extensive experience to deliver customized facilitation. His insights resonate very deeply with real world professional challenges, making his coaching exceptionally relevant and effective. As a motivator and confidant, he embodies discipline and serves as an invaluable sounding board for navigating complex professional landscapes.

Drishti offers a diverse array of programs and coaching techniques customized to professionals across all levels, from middle management to senior and top management. My experience with their team has been characterized by seamless organization and prompt responsiveness, underscoring their commitment to client success. Drishti truly epitomizes an executive coaching firm where expertise meets trust, positioning individuals for massive growth. Best wishes to Ashish!

-Vikas Adke

Executive Director, JP Morgan

At the point of my post career spanning 25 years plus, I was not very clear about my future goals and had the self-realization of change and achievements in the professional life.  I enrolled for 1:1 Leadership coaching with Ashish. Since then, my whole perception about looking at things has been significantly transformed.

Initially, he facilitated me to identify my fears and then transformed them into motivation and inspirational professional goals. Ashish has lots of patience, knowledge and great clarity of thoughts, which helped me to discover my new levels of self-confidence, conviction, strategic mindset and creative thinking, to achieve desired goals, in the future.

In the last one year, he has been a great coach and mentor, which has helped to further shape my core capabilities viz., Assertiveness and Leadership Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Management, Decision making and Creative Problem-Solving abilities etc. The NLP sessions have boosted my confidence in Image Management, Executive Presence and defining strategies to deal with different circumstances.

I call Ashish as Mr. Wonderful who has a magic wand to transform anyone to lead a better, happy and stress-free life. He is simply amazing and at the same time highly approachable. I would recommend Ashish to everyone who are inspired to grow.

– Alok Tayal

General Manager – Program Management, Enterprise Programs and Business Systems, Dover India

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Ashish Bhattacharjee for six months. I found his profile looking for a top executive coach in India and his name came up. During those 6 months, he coached me on various topics, as per my initial request: Executive Presence, Leadership Communication, Strategy focus and Customer focus. Throughout the sessions and by using advanced techniques and top leading tests, we expended the sessions further towards personal change initiative, team feedback etc.

Ashish is a well-rounded and experienced coach, he is always positive, organized, reliable, and punctual. I found that no request is too big or too small. He gave every session – and even between the sessions – his full attention. His talent and experience can be used on multiple topics. He is the best person who can facilitate the acquisition of new knowledge and bring an enhanced awareness that is invaluable. Thank you.

– Laure Mallet Grapin

Data Stewardship Program Manager, Global Technology Company, Driving Energy Innovation

This is regarding the Executive Coaching engagement with Ashish Bhattacharjee. The value additions in the coaching intervention are as follows:

  • Learnt skills on how to manage conflict at workplace
  • Learnt new insights on displaying Executive presence
  • Got inspired and took actions on health and stress management

Personal qualities of Ashish which I liked the most:

  • High energy level throughout the coaching session
  • Being authentic
  • Being punctual at all times

Other Takeaways:

  • Vision Building – What does success look like, which things or attributes matter most for sustainable success
  • Leadership Communication – Being authentic and assertive, talking with facts and figures, evidence-based
  • Executive Presence – Attentive listening, confident but calm and composed body language, choice of correct words while speaking, learning agility
  • Conflict Management – Do not give opinions, discuss on facts and evidences, paraphrasing, questioning techniques etc.
  • Self-Confidence – Learnt new skills on conflict management, and believing in self

– Partha Kar

Sr. Commercial Manager (Business Unit Head) – Metals, Quaker Houghton

The one-on-one coaching session were useful for improving my Leadership competencies and Communication Skills. It has helped me to think in a strategic way and to think for broad vision in my professional assignments. Ashish conducted the sessions in a professional way. His expectation setting and drive was strong which also helped me in getting the best out of these sessions. The two best outcomes during the intervention were:

  1. 1. Improvement in my communication skills specially controlling the speed of my presentations and thoughts composure during the presentations
  2. 2. Taking and seeking feedback – Taking negative feedback and work on the feedback, instead of being defensive

Ashish is having a vast experience in Executive and Leadership coaching and this shows in the way in which he conducts the session. The sessions are always in time and covers the topic of the day in time bound manner. He goes out of his way to cover some of the important topics which are outside of the course to help improve the discussions. I liked his straight forward approach to the sessions.

– Pratik Kumar Gupta

Trade Marketing Cluster Head – South West Asia, The Coca-Cola Company

Ashish makes you comfortable in his sessions. He goes to the root of the problems and helps you overcome problems using holistic approach. Using NLP techniques, he helped me being more productive, focused, overcome my anxieties and remove self-doubts. I feel more confident in leading teams, business and my personal life.

Coaching with him has been one of the best decisions in recent times.

– Country Head – India

World’s Leading Information Technology and Services Company

This is regarding the coaching sessions I had with Mr. Ashish. He is a very positive, charismatic and professional coach with clarity of thoughts and training methods suited to one’s needs. His coaching helped me identify areas for improvement in my speech and communication. I used to wait eagerly for the next weekly sessions with him where we would discuss the personal, career-oriented subjects and lean on his experienced shoulders to get that extra push to get going. The psychometric assessment sessions I had with him were very informative and opened up many unknown areas of betterment.

I wish Ashish all the best to keep bringing life-changing opportunities for many people he gets in touch with!

– L. Shivakumar Moopanar

Senior Management, No. 1 Company in the World Involved in Power, Renewable Energy, Aviation and Healthcare

The ‘Leadership Development Program’ has kindled my imagination and left me with a deeper understanding of what is required to be an effective and successful Leader. The content of program was well designed covering wide range of topics in great details.

The three main things I learnt about myself during LDP: (i) Raised my self-awareness (ii) Encouraged setting up of self-development goals, stretch goals and action points (iii) Resolve conflict in a constructive manner (Win-Win).

I want to acknowledge myself for: (i) Resilience to stress (ii) Higher emotional intelligence (iii) More strategically focused.

I want to acknowledge my Coach (Ashish) for: (i) Has deep understanding of his subject (ii) Establishes an emotional connect (iii) Good Communicator

– Amit Moona

Director and CEO, Hardcastle Petrofer Pvt. Ltd.

I had gone for a coaching engagement with Ashish. He has been my friend, philosopher and guide for the past five years plus and continuing. Initially, I had life coaching with him which turned to long term Leadership coaching. I have vastly benefited from the one-on-one sessions and to be honest, it is not possible to list down the tangible and intangible benefits, in a paragraph.

Some of the notable ones are summarized as:

(a) Inculcated a growth mindset, shredded my fear and developed the mindset to meet personal challenges successfully, in the beginning of the sessions. The Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) exercises were very helpful towards this

(b) Developed out of the box thinking, influence and persuasion skills

(c) Particularly augmented the confidence and approach in day to day dealing with clients with good presentation skills. The mock sessions with Ashish proved to be invaluable

(d) Got into an introspective mood and evaluating alternatives prior making business and personal decision

He is a holistic coach; excellent motivator and I would strongly recommend him to anyone interested in achieving a great new level. Thanks Ashish, I cherish your company.

– Bhushan Gorde

Director, Nine Dimensions Housing LLP

I had enrolled in Ashish’s ‘Leadership Communication Skills Program’. The whole one-on-one coaching program was very interesting, informative, interactive and well designed. I have learned a lot and adopted a few important things during the Leadership Communication Skills Program – 1. Communication 2. Assertiveness 3. Presentation Skills 4. Creating a win-win situation with the customer.

Ashish is a highly energetic and inspiring personality, very practical, friendly and humble. He has vast experience and multi skills in communication and Leadership Development. He can get you the desired results within a few months, if we always put the right effort. Wish you all the best Ashish!

– Karthikeyan Logantha Chandramohan

Platform Tech Lead, Amagi Media Pvt. Ltd.

The one-on-one Executive coaching sessions was structured good in Time management and to the point discussions on the requirements. The three best achievements in the program was Team Management Skills, Time Management and confidence to speak with other Leaders.

Ashish is very good in guidance. Has helped a lot on how to implement changes in actions and to get fast results.

– Gopi Madhavan Pattangi

Deputy Vice President 2, Indusind Bank Ltd

I have known Ashish for almost three years. I had hired him for Leadership Coaching for self and had gained immensely.  His passion, core knowledge and rapport is phenomenal. He has tremendous positive energy and focus, which is a rarity nowadays.

Ashish is great in inculcating new self-belief system in a person and is very good at connecting. His enthusiasm is to be seen to be believed.

– Sunil Rathi

Director, Sales and Marketing, Waaree Energies Ltd.

Previously, I had spent considerable time and money in developing skills to help lead more effectively. However, traditional thinking yielded traditional results and it did not seem to be getting me where I wanted to go.

Obviously, my thinking needed to change and this is where Ashish Bhattacharjee and his breakthrough refreshing sessions were incisive, focused on simple goals with clear outcomes. The session with strong follow through helped in turning out predictable results in unpredictable times.

Senior Vice President

A Leading BFSI Company

Ashish is an amazing bundle of energy. He ensures that most of them rub off on you as well. He is a gifted coach, and his intuitive and sensitive listening skills have helped me overcome certain personal and professional challenges. And – he can tickle some funny bones too 🙂

I can say that working with him was a highlight — a gift I’m still opening. Ashish came into my life as my Peak Performance Coach. He is so full of energy, life, and commitment for the work he did; I could not help but be fascinated by his passion. It was in the NeuroLeadership offering, where he was instrumental in opening my eyes to the power of our “mind” and the importance of developing my mental strength, including the attitude and skills that were required.

I’ve worked with trainers previously, and none of them came close to the kind of impact that Ashish had on me during our time together. Even better, I did not feel like I was talking to a coach, but to a wise and funny friend. He was completely down-to-earth, and approachable.

Ashish is an excellent listener. He can seemingly suspend time, so there’s enough for the whole story. He’s able to tap into your inner thoughts and formulate the root cause, and gives an excellent perspective and offers ways to work through difficulties. I’ve grown spiritually and healed mentally from our sessions.

His knowledge and experiences are so vast and profound that he can convert at any time on the fly from an NLP Coach to a Life Coach to an Executive coach to a Business and Entrepreneur coach, just as per your need at the moment. What amazed me was his spiritual understanding.

I am a better person today because of Ashish’s dedication and determination to push me forward even on the days when I was struggling.

I can – without reservation – recommend him to you! He’s a terrific coach and the best of all – an amazing guy!

I’m very grateful to you.

– Sanjay Patel

Co-Founder and Director, Icicle Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

I had hired Ashish as Leadership Coach. Ashish can motivate you in no time, he creates energy that is a big plus. He is very well knowledgeable and well updated on NLP and his subject matter i.e, Leadership.

He is very specific, methodical and can come up with solutions to any issue you are going through. Finally, he is like my elder brother to whom I can go anytime without any inhibition.

– Amod Keskar

AVP Procurement, Commercial and WPR, Pepperfry and Presently Founder, Agile Supply Chain

This is regarding coaching sessions with Ashish. I found him to be a caring gentleman, extremely professional and an expert in coaching. He facilitated me in implementing my vision of Leadership Development in the company and ‘Communication and Presentation Skills’. He also facilitated ‘Planning and Organizing’ and to take concrete action, with precise ‘Goal Setting’.

I am fully satisfied with the coaching results and would recommend Ashish to anyone interested to profoundly change life for the better. He is very empathetic and is genuinely interested in the coaching process. I wish him all the best.

– Suhas Mistry

Managing Director, Samyak Realcon Private Limited

I would like to acknowledge the immense value from your coaching sessions for the past nine months. It has really been transformational. The feedback gained from psychometric assessment were very helpful in forming my future strategies.

I would like mention my specific achievements during the coaching engagement:

(i) Improved my emotional reaction to circumstances. The NLP sessions were very helpful

(ii) My focus on tasks drastically improved and energy levels are always high

(iii) Now I have a clear vision and I am successful in getting more work done by my subordinates

(iv) Improved my Executive presence in the organisation

Thanks Ashish.

– Business Partner

Leading Export and Import Organization

After 20 years of experience as a solution provider for telecom networks, I was on a sabbatical on lookout for other opportunities. I was on an introspection mode and wanted a sounding board to help me with the next right step. I got connected to Ashish and in the next 24 online sessions, learnt about a new me.

It was a journey of self-discovery to get to new levels of self-confidence, team leadership and communication. I developed new thinking and benefited a lot from the sessions. His sessions lead to a full holistic development which is really progressive and rewarding. Thanks Ashish, for the life changing experience!

– Ravin Brahme

Senior Management, Leading Mobile Network Company

I am the Director of Harsh Group. I have done Leadership programs in the past but my one-on-one coaching experience with ‘Drishti Centre for Excellence’ has been the ice breaker. Ashish has helped me resolve many grey areas of my business and helped me move ahead in this fast and changing business environment.

From consolidating my roots in my existing business to venturing out into new waters, he has helped me to have a positive and a strong approach.

– Harsh Gupta

Director, Harsh Group

This is regarding coaching with Ashish. First of all, I would like to thank you for laying the foundation to be a better me and help me discover self. I have surpassed my expectations and have set a new benchmark to target confidence levels of a superstar. My time management and organizing skills is on upswing and is only a matter of time till it becomes a second nature. My communication skills have reached a new all-time high and expect it to get better as time goes on.

Through this journey of coaching, I have realized that I was underestimating myself all along. There is this untapped potential in me waiting to be unleashed. I have seen shades of my ability and potential, during the online sessions, which will emerge in due time. I would like to thank you again for all your support and teachings.

– Abhishek Chatterjee

Production Engineer, Polychem Resins Pvt. Ltd., Dubai, UAE

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