‘Drishti Centre for Excellence’ Presents 2 Days Enriching Program on

‘Peak Performance -‘ The Ultimate Program to Boost Leadership & Managerial Effectiveness, Performance & Productivity by Utilizing Dual Benefits of ‘NeuroLeadership’ (Enhancing Leadership Traits with Neuroscience) & ‘NLP’ (Neuro – Linguistic Programming)


With cut throat competition and exhausting and overwhelming work due to never ending emails, phone calls, meetings, projects etc., leading to information overload, the challenges by all has been to cope and productively deliver quality results at workplace. With ever increasing pressure to deliver results in quick time under deadlines and being connected almost 24/7, have only made the situation worse, leading to effectiveness, performance & productivity being a big casualty.

This unique developmental workshop is fortified with the established and proven Change Management tools of ‘NeuroLeadership’ (Enhancing Leadership Traits with Neuroscience) & ‘NLP’ (Neuro- Linguistic Programming){See explanations below}, making it the best program to boost performance and productivity levels of the emerging and established Leaders of your organization.

By putting to practice the skills facilitated in the program, the participants can expect to be top performers in the Corporate and enterprises and be pioneers in mastery and excellence. They will see order in a world of uncertainty and be focused on unprecedented enhanced results. The diagnostic skill set will also help Leaders to trust, influence and coach their Teams and emerge as better and reliable Leaders. The workshop is packed with exercises, assessment instruments, role plays, case studies, video clips etc. and is highly interactive, with sure takeaways.

Key Benefits of The Workshop

The workshop will enable the participants to:

  • Facilitate positive changes in  thinking and feel less overwhelmed
  • Develop strategies for maintaining laser focus for attainment of organizational goals
  • Make best decisions, drawn from a calm and composed mind
  • Drastically reduce time spent on meetings, with maximum productive results
  • Meet challenges head on and maximize chances of finding insights to dilemmas/challenges
  • Effectively collaborate and have cordial relationships with all team members
  • Keep distractions at bay
  • Improve relationships with direct reports, peers and seniors
  • Efficiently organize personal and professional life
  • Have high energy levels, work life balance and a sense of accomplishment

Note on ‘NeuroLeadership’

‘NeuroLeadership’  encompasses improving personal and workplace  effectiveness with Neuroscience, which will provide specific skills that participants can use to enhance their personal and workplace traits viz., Self awareness, awareness of others, understanding of workplace behavior & Interactions, Problem Solving and Decision Making, Influence Skills, Rapport and Relationship Building, facilitate insights to dilemmas/challenges etc.  The objective of this domain is to improve Leadership effectiveness within Organizations by developing a science for Leadership and Leadership development that directly takes into account the physiology of the mind and the brain. ‘NeuroLeadership’   is about helping Managers and Leaders understand how their own and their people’s brains actually work, and how to exploit to it’s best potential. The advantage of applying ‘NeuroLeadership’ principles far outweights the conventional Leadership practiced in organizations.

Note on NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Neuro means the way you think on a consistent basis. Linguistic refers to what you say. It entails language that we use with ourselves and with others. It is about raising awareness about patterns we use in our interactions. Programming means what you do. The study of NLP is about how one experiences life based on thinking, beliefs, and programmed behaviors that have become a part of oneself. These patterns as they are called determine the choices that one can make and ultimately the results or success one achieves. NLP helps to determine which of these patterns are serving and helping one in achieving goals and which ones are holding one back or sabotaging success. Once these patterns and beliefs are identified, they can be changed, for the better.


‘Peak Performance’

1. Enhance thinking

2. How to inculcate positive changes in behavior and habits of Team

3. Build and maintain lasting personal and professional relationships and collaborate with others effectively

4. Multitasking………..How much is enough and it’s role at workplace and effect on efficiency

5. Making best decisions and staying cool and composed under pressure

6. Saying ‘no’ to Distractions

7. How to smartly handle Email overload and Meeting management – ‘The Neuroscience Takeaway’

8. Cutting down neural clutter – An effective tool for innovation and creativity

9. Getting through an impasse (Roadblock), facilitate insights to dilemmas/challenges

10. How to change perceptions for the better

11. Getting to levels of Peak Performance

12. Pillars of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and it’s use in professional and personal life – Empowering belief system

13. The Communication Channels:

  • How communication is processed in our brain
  • Enhanced Sensory Awareness – Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic (V-A-K)
  • VAK Cues – Recognizing verbal and non-verbal patterns of communication and thinking styles in yourself and others

14. Few practical NLP (Neuro- Linguistic Programming) exercises to:

  • Model personal and professional Excellence
  • Set and Achieve compelling goals (Specific Outcome Orientation)
  • Changing sabotaging beliefs, changing bad feelings
  • Create powerful mental states (anchors) of motivation, decisiveness, joy, creativity etc., in yourself as well as others and remaining in a resourceful state


The training workshops are experiential and highly interactive so that ideas and concepts are easily grasped and transfer and retention is effective. The programs are activity based and includes exercises, role plays, case studies, lectures, assessments, analysis, powerpoint presentations, video clips, storytelling and discussions. The workshops also employs the latest innovative Corporate practices, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) principles, latest findings of Neuroscience and a blend of Western and Eastern philosophy.

The workshop encourages the participants to learn and understand various aspects of their personality through experience in various activities and exercises and thus helps individuals discover their potential via a journey of self realization. At the end of workshop, the participants are facilitated to prepare ‘Personal Action Plan’, to tap their enhanced energy and motivation into results.

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