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The Executive Coaching facilitated by Ashish has been a great and user free experience, which has helped me to understand the areas of improvement and also a kind of bringing out the inherent potential in me. The process we have approached in Executive Coaching was a kind of new experience which has helped me to upgrade my Leadership Skills, Personal Effectiveness and Interpersonal Skills. This sort of Executive Coaching will help the upcoming Leaders to grow in Line function and become role model in the Corporate world. I wish Ashish all the best in his future assignments.

-Senior Management

One of the World’s Leading Companies Involved in Household Products

I have known Ashish for almost three years. I had hired him for Leadership Coaching for self & had gained immensely. His passion, core knowledge and rapport is phenomenal. I also had the privilege of attending a few open workshops on ‘Leadership and Personal Effectiveness’, facilitated by him. That was a real value addition to me, personally. He has tremendous positive energy and focus, which is a rarity nowadays. Ashish is great in inculcating new self belief system in a person and is very good at connecting. His enthusiasm is to be seen to be believed.

– Sunil Rathi

Director, Sales & Marketing, Waaree Energies Ltd.

This is regarding Life Coaching with Ashish. I found him to be a caring gentleman, extremely professional and an expert in coaching. He facilitated me in implementing my vision of Leadership Development in the company & Communication and Presentation Skills. He also facilitated ‘Planning and Organizing’ and to take concrete action, with precise ‘Goal Setting’. I am fully satisfied with the coaching results and would recommend Ashish to anyone interested to profoundly change life for the better. He is very empathetic and is genuinely interested in the coaching process. I wish him all the best.

– Suhas Mistry

Managing Director – Century 21 Samyak (Part of World’s Largest Real Estate Brokerage Organization)

Previously, I had spent considerable time and money in developing skills to help lead more effectively. However, traditional thinking yielded traditional results and it did not seem to be getting me where I wanted to go. Obviously, my thinking needed to change and this is where Ashish Bhattacharjee and his breakthrough refreshing sessions were incisive, focused on simple goals with clear outcomes. The session with strong follow through helped in turning out predictable results in unpredictable times.

– Senior Vice President

Critical Capital Market Company

This is regarding coaching with Ashish Sir. First of all I would like to thank you for laying the foundation to be a better me and help me discover self. I have surpassed my expectations and have set a new benchmark to target confidence levels of a superstar. My time management and organizing skills is on upswing and is only a matter of time till it becomes a second nature. My communication skills have reached a new all time high and expect it to get better as time goes on. Through this journey of coaching, I have realized that I was underestimating myself all along. There is this untapped potential in me waiting to be unleashed. I have seen shades of my ability and potential, during the skype sessions, which will emerge in due time. I would like to thank you again for all your support and teachings.

– Abhishek Chatterjee

Production Engineer – Polychem Resins Pvt. Ltd., Dubai, UAE

Getting into a coachee relationship with Ashish was one of the best decisions I had made. He is a natural motivator fully believing in the vast potential of the coachee. The sessions with him was something I always looked forward to. Even though I was a senior and established person, I always felt that something was amiss in life. Ashish facilitated me in reworking on relationships with my team and handle them with clear communication and collaboration. I am now much better in resolving conflicts. Never expected so much result from coaching. I am very very happy!

– Business Partner

Leading International Freight Forwarding, Project Cargo Transportation and Consolidation Company

Prior to the coaching sessions, I was a very reluctant person being under confident, having stage fright and living a very monotonous life without actually exploring myself. Mr. Ashish Bhattacharjee facilitated positive personal and professional empowerment to me and assisted to enhance my personal effectiveness. The one on one coaching with him was a journey full of positivity, self confidence and enthusiasm. This journey really took me to my Mount Everest, wherein I discovered a greater version of myself, a person full of life; and a person who I always dreamt to be. The other things I got benefitted till now, is out of the box thinking, surge of self confidence in presentations, remaining calm, become more energetic, making good impression on others etc.

Ready acceptance by the international students and leading successful projects with sound team management was also a result of the sessions. The psychometric assessment 25 page report briefing helped me to discover my strengths and correct the weaknesses. I found the assessment report to be more than 90% accurate. The Neuro -Linguistic Programming sessions helped keep me motivated always. Thank you Sir, for the support for past one and a half years plus and continuing. I also appreciate your availability for skype sessions at London time and despite my hectic college and project schedule. I once again thank Drishti and my coach Mr. Ashish Bhattacharjee for such an amazing experience and recommend every individual to fuel up and go ahead with Drishti on the most beautiful journey of their life.

– Shikha Singh

Pursuing Business Administration Hons, Kingston University, London

I would like to acknowledge the immense value from your coaching sessions for the past nine months. It has really been transformational. The feedback gained from psychometric assessment were very helpful in forming my future strategies. I would like to mention my specific achievements during the coaching engagement:

(i) Improved my emotional reaction to circumstances. The NLP sessions were very helpful
(ii) My focus on tasks drastically improved and energy levels are always high
(iii) Now I have a clear vision and I am successful in getting more work done by my subordinates
(iv) Improved my Executive presence in the organisation

Thanks Ashish.

– Senior Manager

Leading Export and Import Organization

I was going through a life crisis and wanted to engage someone who would bail me out. A chance encounter with Drishti website and on reading Ashish’s profile, hired him as Life coach. The initial coaching engagement of three months kept on increasing on to a year and more. I could take full charge of my life post an unfortunate accident. Ashish also facilitated me to rework on the hierarchy of my firm and strategic thinking. He is a very positive person and the same exudes in every session. Thanks Ashish, for your patience, guidance and inspiration.

Business Woman Owning a Large Consulting Firm

After 20 years of experience as a solution provider for telecom networks, I was on a sabbatical on lookout for other opportunities. I was on an introspection mode and wanted a sounding board to help me with the next right step. I got connected to Ashish and in the next 24 skype sessions, learnt about a new me.  It was a journey of self discovery to get to new levels of self confidence, team leadership and communication. I developed new thinking and benefited a lot from the sessions. His sessions lead to a full holistic development which is really progressive and rewarding. Thanks Ashish, for the life changing experience!

– Ravin Brahme

Senior Management, Leading Mobile Network Company

Before the coaching sessions started, I was an introvert personality who could not express his feelings and express things going on the inside. The sessions helped me gain confidence. I was very easily affected by the outside negativity which resulted in stress and anger but during the ongoing sessions, I learnt to avoid the negativity and gain self control on every negative issue and challenges. The coaching program helped me achieve positive attitude towards life and made me learn to be happy in all  good/bad/worse situations.

Also, it helped me with my memory retention for the exams with the help of mind mapping, neuro linguistic programming, visualization and most importantly yoga, which always kept me motivated. Overall, the program changed my entire life in a very positive way. This testimonial would not be enough to explain it all. Besides the above, I learnt time management skills, communication skills, analytical skills, and many more. For all the above, I give all the credit to my guru and life coach Mr. Ashish Bhattacharjee. A thank you would never be enough.

– Shounak

Pursuing BMS, Toledo University, USA

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