Posted on: 13 Aug 2018  By: Ashish Bhattacharjee, Director, Drishti Centre for Excellence,

Before the coaching sessions started, I was an introvert personality who could not express his feelings and express things going on the inside. The sessions helped me gain confidence. I was very easily affected by the outside negativity which resulted in stress and anger but during the ongoing sessions, I learnt to avoid the negativity and gain self control on every negative issue and challenges. The coaching program helped me achieve positive attitude towards life and made me learn to be happy in all  good/bad/worse situations.

Also, it helped me with my memory retention for the exams with the help of mind mapping, neuro linguistic programming, visualization and most importantly yoga, which always kept me motivated. Overall, the program changed my entire life in a very positive way. This testimonial would not be enough to explain it all. Besides the above, I learnt time management skills, communication skills, analytical skills, and many more. For all the above, I give all the credit to my guru and life coach Mr. Ashish Bhattacharjee. A thank you would never be enough.

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