Coaching Program for Youth in Leadership & Life Skills


The youth of today require skills and the right emotional competence much beyond the academic & vocational qualifications, to be outstanding and remain ahead of the pack. They need to flourish their self esteem and self image besides continuous self motivation to successfully deal with societal and peer pressure, handling criticism, facing failure, interpersonal conflicts, goal setting and achievement, dilemma in making sound choices in an uncertain environment, to name a few.

Our vast experience in Training, Executive and Life Coaching assignments covering companies from Fortune 100 to small and medium enterprises, entrepreneurs and individuals, indicate that many of the youth, who aspire to be successful in corporate or entrepreneurship, may face challenges, primarily due to the lack of understanding of clear and detailed competencies and behavior expected out of them. Leadership and Life skills are considered essential for the young job seekers and would be entrepreneurs. The youth needs to be empowered to have the necessary confidence to succeed in the college, work and life and take full charge of their destiny.

The youth have unique issues and challenges which needs quick addressal and therefore there is a clear need for coaching them on Leadership and Life skills, for necessary guidance, support and encouragement, by trusted professionals. A competent coach can make all the difference to their success by facilitating them to realize their full potential. Being proficient in Leadership and Life skills will make the youth stand out from the crowd, inculcate a sense of discipline and achieve the champion mindset to succeed in a global and competitive marketplace.

Coaching Program on Leadership & Life Skills

We are pleased to offer the services of our finest International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited Executive & Life coaches to coach the youth on these critical skills, on a one on one basis. The senior coaches are of extremely credible backgrounds and have long standing and proven experience in augmenting human potential. Being fully aware of the Leadership qualities and competencies required by the future corporate Leaders, entrepreneurs and individuals, the coaches will add tremendous value in empowering the youth in these competencies and skills and thus facilitate their success story.

Key Benefits of the Coaching Program

The Coaching for youth specifically aims to bolster the following, which are indicative and not exhaustive:

(i) Positive thinking, emotion regulation, attitude and behaviour transformation and core value system.
(ii) Focus on enhancing their striving for worthwhile goals and their achievement.
(iii) Enhance self confidence, self-esteem and self worth with motivation to step out of comfort zone and keep morale up at all times.
(iv) Manage and augment relationships.
(v) Handle peer pressure, criticism & failure.
(vi) Build existing strengths as well as adding new ones.
(vii) Decision making & creative problem solving.
(viii) Effective communication, assertive skills & business etiquette.
(ix) Overcome stage fright & developing public speaking and presentation skills.
(x) Manage anxiety, fear and stress.

Model for the Coaching Program

Coaching for the young people is a structured process whereby a Coach uses skilled and effective questioning and listening techniques to form a safe and trusted environment. The sessions will be facilitated face to face or on skype. Skype coaching provides unique advantages of investment, flexibility of timing and eliminating geographical restrictions. Over 80% of our coaching sessions are facilitated over skype, worldwide, without restrictions on time zone.

Initially, twelve sessions are recommended for the coaching engagement in consonance with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) model, which can be further augmented, if necessary. The sessions will be facilitated as per convenience of the young person. The sessions will be facilitated for two to three times a month. We have youth who have continued for coaching from us for one year plus, clearly indicating the value addition of the program.

Process for Coaching Program

In the process of coaching, meaningful goals are formed post facilitation between the coach and coachee on a backdrop of rapport and trust, wherein the person fully feels accountable and responsible for the achieving of goals. The entire process of coaching will be 100% customized according to the coachee’s requirement.

In subsequent sessions, the progress and obstacles on goals are discussed; strategies to achieve goals facilitated, monitoring of steps, refocusing and review are undertaken. Empowerment and reflection are also emphasized to create new thinking. The coachee thus gains clarity on issues and challenges, enabling sound choices with enhanced action orientation on goal achievement, to quickly close the gap from where the coachee presently is to where he/she wants to be. So you have a trusted friend, philosopher and guide by your side on the transformative journey.

Psychometric Assessment

Psychometric assessments will be injected for coachee besides many other relevant assessments, to bolster the effectiveness of the coaching program. The psychometric assessment includes a report with detailed interpretation on every aspect of personality which includes the person’s perception by others, attributes, motivators & demotivators, communication style, decision making, strengths and reaction to pressure situations, behavioural style and profile, suggested modifications and adjustments to behaviour to improve performance, relationships, attitude towards teamwork and tips to capitalize and maximise potential etc. These inputs along with ‘Action Plans’ facilitated during coaching sessions will mostly ensure the achievement of the agreed upon goals.

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