‘Drishti Centre for Excellence’ Presents 2 Days Enriching Program on

‘Effective Business Presentation Skills’ –Deliver Powerful & Persuasive Business Presentations With Ease


In business, one will inevitably be called upon to deliver presentations to clients & audiences. Effective presentations have always been the cornerstone of good management. It is, therefore very essential that one is fully competent in the skills of presentation. Research indicates that a significant factor for people being promoted at work, is their ability to effectively and concisely express oneself in client or internal meeting, negotiations and in successfully dealing with all tiers of Management.

This 2 days workshop will equip the participants with the step by step know how, to become a great presenter and be perceived as articulate and professional. Outstanding presenters are always an asset to an organization, adding brand value and greater client satisfaction. This unique program is packed with innovative presentation strategies & takeaways. A comprehensive Business Presentation Skills program, will be of a great value addition for the would be, emerging and established Leaders in your organization.

Key Benefits of The Workshop

The 2 days workshop will enable the participants to:

  • Imbibe skills of business presentations, by receiving the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude to present effectively, powerfully and persuasively
  • Increase the confidence of the participants and their ability to deliver powerful and polished presentations
  • Overcome presentation fears, make a positive impression and handle client and audiences with ease
  • Provide them with techniques to add quality, impact and effectiveness in their presentations


  • Essentials of Business presentations, creating lasting impact.
  • Principles of confident speaking with voice enhancement exercises and exercises for breath and pitch control.
  • Importance of courtesy, voice (tone, pitch and right modulation) in presentations
  • Usage of visual aids
  • Ways of Presentations to a client
  • Non verbal communication and body language (Emphasis will be on eye contact, facial expression, gestures, posture, clothing, grooming mannerisms etc.)
  • Overcoming fear of presentations and public speaking and keeping calm under pressure
  • Audience Management – Involving, engaging participants and handling questions
  • Powerpoint Presentations – Do’s and Don’ts
  • Individual Presentations – Briefing a group/ selling a product /explaining report or service/giving a talk (Decoding of non verbal cues, posture, gestures, proxemics, voice tone, power of pause and other presentation attributes of each of the participants, will be commented upon)
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Techniques for Rapport Building, connectedness, generating & keeping interest of clients & audiences etc.


The training workshops are experiential and highly interactive so that ideas and concepts are easily grasped and transfer and retention is effective. The programs are activity based and includes exercises, role plays, case studies, lectures, assessments, analysis, powerpoint presentations, video clips, storytelling and discussions. The workshops also employs the latest innovative Corporate practices, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) principles, latest findings of Neuroscience and a blend of Western and Eastern philosophy.

The workshop encourages the participants to learn and understand various aspects of their personality through experience in various activities and exercises and thus helps individuals discover their potential via a journey of self realization. At the end of workshop, the participants are facilitated to prepare ‘Personal Action Plan’, to tap their enhanced energy and motivation into results.

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Workshop on 'Effective Business Presentation Skills'........Deliver Powerful & Persuasive Business Presentations With Ease.... Learn More

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