‘Drishti Centre for Excellence’ Presents 2 Days Enriching Program on

‘Creativity & Innovation’ –Gain Unmatched Competitive Edge in the Marketplace


Is getting creative thinking and innovative solutions from your team a challenge? To stay relevant and competitive in an everchanging landscape, companies are banking on their best and strongest asset – i.e, their human resources for unleashing it’s potential and ensuring steady revenue growth. It is extremely vital that your employees are empowered to imbibe a culture of innovation. Innovation is indeed the lifeline of any company – that keeps an organization going to the next level in the marketplace. This 2 days program will focus on tools, techniques and Leadership behaviours so that your employees creative brains function to their full innovation capacity and create new thinking and ideas to positively effect the bottom line.

The workshop will further validate key concepts of Creativity and Innovation, by means of assessment instruments and other methodologies. The workshop is packed with exercises, assessment instruments, role plays, case studies, video clips etc. and is highly interactive, with sure takeaways.

Key Benefits of the Workshop

The workshop will enable the participants to:

  • Validate key concepts of Innovation and value creation
  • Recognizing and honing creative potential
  • Through interactive sessions and case studies, apply proven techniques for driving innovation to gain competitive advantage at marketplace
  • Think laterally and moving from good to great


  • How to think creatively
  • Basics of thinking differently to produce different (superior) results
  • Developing analytical skills. Essentials of analytically judging an idea/concept
  • The Disciplines of Innovation
  • Creativity & Innovation – The neurological perspective
  • Creative thinking and creative process
  • Innovation methods, techniques and tools
  • Idea generation
  • Decision Making Basics – Analyzing the situation, processing the available information and turning it into an action plan
  • Blocks to creativity and innovation (Assessment Instrument – ‘How Creative are you’)
  • Discussions – Global Strategic thinking implemented on products, by few World class companies (Best practices of greatest innovators)
  • Modes of thinking and lateral Thinking
  • Understand the process of brainstorming and its use in creativity, innovation and problem solving and decision making
  • Red ocean versus blue ocean strategy
  • Value Innovation
  • The profit Model of Blue Ocean Strategy


The training workshops are experiential and highly interactive so that ideas and concepts are easily grasped and transfer and retention is effective. The programs are activity based and includes exercises, role plays, case studies, lectures, assessments, analysis, powerpoint presentations, video clips, storytelling and discussions. The workshops also employs the latest innovative Corporate practices, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) principles, latest findings of Neuroscience and a blend of Western and Eastern philosophy.

The workshop encourages the participants to learn and understand various aspects of their personality through experience in various activities and exercises and thus helps individuals discover their potential via a journey of self realization. At the end of workshop, the participants are facilitated to prepare ‘Personal Action Plan’, to tap their enhanced energy and motivation into results.

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